Guides, Checklists and More!

You asked for guides and checklists for your events and our team has created some fantastic resources for you. Please feel free to use these to help plan for your next event or make sure you have everything you need when ordering. If there is a guide or checklist that you would like to see that is not here, please contact us and we will create it!

Tablecloth Linen Selection Guide

Unsure about which tablecloth best fits your needs? We have you covered!

Tent Sizing & Capacity Chart

Whether you're hosting an event for 20 people or 100 people, we have various tent options to choose from. Download our guide for help!

Table Selection & Capacity Guide

Curious about how many tables you need for your next party, corporate event, or wedding? This guide has all the answers!

Wedding Planning Checklist

Download this helpful checklist to make sure you don't miss any details before your big day!

Dance Floor Guide

Where there's fun, there's dancing! Download our floor guide to ensure everyone has a spot on the dance floor.

Event Planning Checklist

This checklist is provided for your convenience, we want to make sure you don't miss any details for your backyard party!

Price List

From inflatable home theater systems to cotton candy machines, we have it all. Download our price list to see a full breakdown of available products for rent.
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