The health and safety of your family matters to us!

Crazy Tuna Cleanliness Guarantee

At Crazy Tuna Party Rentals, we want to make sure that when you rent an inflatable jumper from us that it is meticulously cleaned and inspected before it reaches your home.  We use a disinfectant on all of our equipment to make sure you have the cleanest jumpers, tables and chairs in the industry.  We clean all of our equipment by hand, including our jumpers. 

After our jumpers are cleaned by a staff member, it is then inspected by the Operations Manager for the final ok before they are rented again. This is a practice we began 4 years ago when Crazy Tuna started, and this procedure has not changed. 

Doing Our Best To Reduce The Spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak

We are taking steps to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19), MRSA, flu strains, and more.  Keeping our customers and employees safe is critical. Let us explain what we are doing to ensure your safety so you are able to fully enjoy your party or event.

Employee Hand washing mandated Party Rentals Riverside

Tried and true, maintaining good basic hygiene practices is the best defense against Coronavirus, the flu, and other ailments.  ALL of our employees wash their hands prior to working with our inflatable jumpers, tables, chairs, and any other party rental accessories or equipment.  In many cases they wear disposable gloves. 


Our rental equipment is hands down the cleanest in Riverside County

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is transmitted much like the flu and MRSA are transmitted, so that means we need to take extra care in making sure all of our party and event rental equipment is clean and in full working order.

As COVID-19/Coronavirus continues to spread globally, we are taking extra care in cleaning our rental equipment, and to apply extra effort toward using disinfectant wipes.  We especially focus on surfaces customers touch with their hands or feet and any equipment their faces come in contact will get extra attention.  We promise you that we will do whatever we need to do to minimize any risk associated with cold and flu viruses.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at 951-318-5968 or email us at

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